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What can be done to protect wildlife?
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What can be done to protect wildlife?

What can be done to protect wildlife?

We have to adopt a series of measures to preserve our planet, and particularly wildlife. The forests and other natural habitats are crucial for the fauna. When deforestation takes place, it threatens the life of the creatures that thrive here. In fact, many of the world’s endangered species live in the woodland. So, the question is: what can be done to protect wildlife?

How to preserve wildlife

First of all, take action to maintain the wildlife in your garden. Plant trees, seed flowers, attract bees and butterflies and feed the birds. Provide water for the wild creatures living next to you, and cut the use of pesticides. Volunteer at an animal center or just become a wildlife rehabilitator. Take care of orphaned, sick, and injured animals, then set them free in their natural habitat.

A good way to preserve wildlife implies reducing your carbon footprint. Keep your home a little warmer during summer and leave it a little cooler during winter. Furthermore, take the car only when it’s necessary and find new ways to use the things that you already own, instead of purchasing new products. Buy responsibly! If you don’t invest in items that come from endangered creatures, you can help in stopping the wildlife trafficking from being a profitable business.

Join an organization devoted to the conservation of wildlife. Volunteer or at least donate to the cause. Numerous groups that put an effort in preserving the beauty of earth are constantly looking for new members. Find a Non-Profit Organization and be generous! Your money will be well spent.

8 Measures to protect our precious fauna

  • 1. Protecting forests and other natural habitats of wildlife.
  • 2. Delimiting the home areas of the living creatures.
  • 3. Imposing restrictions on capturing and hunting wildlife.
  • 4. Protecting animals from natural hazards and pollution.
  • 5. Creating game sanctuaries for general wildlife or specific wild animals.
  • 6. Collecting information about the number and growth of wildlife.
  • 7. Making special arrangements for endangered species.
  • 8. Imposing restrictions and severe punishment on import and export of wild animals.

What can you do?

The simplest things can make a big difference. You don’t have to plant an entire forest; just several trees are enough. Use less electricity and remember to turn the lights off as you leave the room. Unplug the appliances that you don’t use or need and save water when you brush your teeth or use the soap in the shower. It sounds incredible, but turning off the water while brushing the teeth will save up to 25 gallons of water each month.

Turn the computer off overnight, do not preheat your oven, and stop pre-rinsing the dishes. Invest in energy-efficient lightbulbs and recycle glass. Did you know that it takes glass up to a million years to decompose? Furthermore, stop using paper tissues and go for fabric cloths. Instead of using the dryer, display your wet clothes on a clothesline.

Many other things can be done to protect wildlife. Re-think your actions, learn about the wild animals, and get involved! What else do you think should be done to preserve our beautiful planet?